10:00 AM Bible Study
Children's group
Youth (Teens)
Young Adult and College
Big Kids Breakfast Club
Senior's Bible Study
11:00 AM Worship


5:30 PM Choir Practice
6:00 PM Dinner and Fellowship
6:30 PM Bible Study

Worship Service


Dress casually!  The Church exists to praise God.  Every Sunday morning, we gather as the Body of Christ to offer our prayers, our singing, our gifts, and our attentiveness as we grow together in faith.  Whether you are a “cradle Christian” or have never set foot in a worship service before, Ragland United Methodist Church welcomes you to visit with us.  Here you will find a spiritual connection and a warm family atmosphere that will enrich your week and your life.

Bible Study


Whether you're a Bible scholar or you've never opened a Bible before there's a place for you in our Bible study classes. Our classes are meant to reach you where you are in your understanding of Christianity.  Come learn, share, and grow with others who are doing the same.

Subliminal Message - I'm going there this Sunday :)

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