There are many different ways to connect and make a difference at RUMC!  Come find your spot!

Service and Community


Because of what God has done for us, we offer our lives back to God through a life of service. As disciples, we become active participants in God’s activity in the world through mission and service. Love of God is always linked to love of neighbor and to a passionate commitment to seeking justice and renewal in the world.  While salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ, Methodists have a long history of going out into the world making a difference in the lives of others.

Lay Servant Ministry


The United Methodist Church has many opportunities for people to take on leadership roles, either in the local church or beyond.  Lay Servant Ministries offers many classes and training opportunities to learn the skills necessary to be leaders in ministry.  There are many opportunities to serve beyond the local church after being trained.  If you want to take your role to the next level come talk to us!

Other Ways to be Involved

We have numerous Bible studies, Community Outreach Ministries, a Music Ministry, special events, family fun nights and movie nights.  We have activities and events at least once a month.  We are starting a Frisbee Golf Team.  No matter what interests you, there definitely is a place to connect and be involved!



Our mission is to impact the Youth of today by creating an environment to help teens learn the story, tell the story, and live the story of Jesus Christ. Our youth ministry team is focused on teaching core principles of Christian faith in an environment that fosters personal growth.  The goal for our youth is to learn how to apply God's Grace to the challenges of life.

Our youth go on various mission trips throughout the year intended to grow their understanding of Jesus Christ and put their faith into action.  Christ calls us to go out into the world in Christian ministry and to share our faith.  Our youth ministry is meant to train them to be the next generation of leaders, taking the Grace of our Risen Lord into a world that so desperately needs His Grace and Love.

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